Over the past several years all kinds of technological advances have been made in electric hoverboards, but the market is yet to see anything quite like the Skatecycle. Just by looking at it we are pretty sure this equipment time travelled from the 2200s. Those that absolutely love skateboarding will feel right at home with this brand. This innovative equipment can provide the user with a thoroughly enjoyable experience, while also providing them with a practical form of transportation. Regardless of your age, region or budget, you should not ignore this particular hoverboard. The item will be examined in greater detail below.


This ultra lightweight product weighs in at 7.3 pounds, which makes it very portable. Not only is it lightweight, but the product actually folds up as well. The item is light enough to be carried around in a single hand and you will never have to worry about straining your back. Once the day has come to a conclusion, you will be able to return home, condense down the Skateboard and store it away, without any difficulty.



The product is equipped with two 9-inch wheels into which you actually put your feet. The wheels will provide any user with a smooth and comfortable ride. The wheels are primarily responsible for making the ride comfortable, but they also make the skateboard easily maneuverable. When encountering objects in your path, you will have no difficulty zipping right around them quickly.


The frame is constructed from solid aluminum and the body parts are made of durable composite. You can rest assured knowing that the product is built with longevity in mind. You don’t have to worry about dinging the Skatecycle up, because it can take a beating. Suffice to say, a few drops or crashes will not diminish the item’s performance.


This high tech axle makes it very simple for users to control the device. All you have to do is move your feet inward and outward. Your action will force the vehicle to move in one direction or another. With a little bit of training and patience, you will easily be able to master this two-wheeled skateboard and will gain the freedom to go wherever you please. Check out this “how to” video presenting the gadget in action!


The Skatecycle Hubless Skateboard is truly versatile and can be used to perform a whole arsenal of tricks. When compared to mastering a skateboard, the Skatecycle is much easier and tremendously safer. Still, the ticks and stunts performed will continue to impress and surprise.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Can be utilized on flat surfaces and even in skate parks
  • Very lightweight and can be taken almost anywhere
  • Can be folded down and stored away easily
  • 9-inch wheels offer simplistic maneuverability


  • Learning curve is fairly steep
  • Speeds are very limited
  • Not for smaller children (recommended for age 14 and up)


When it comes down to it, there is truly a lot to like about this Hubless Skateboard. It may not be a hoverboard in the traditional sense, but the innovative product delivers a fun, thrilling ride, which will be sure to satisfy almost everyone. When examining the item’s immensely affordable price, it could easily be said that the Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle Hubless Skateboard is a steal. Checking it out for your self is recommended.

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