About Us


Over the years, a variety of technological products have hit the market and each of them has made an impact on consumers. As a group of geeks, we get a major thrill out of experimenting with the latest technological gadgets. Although each of these has been exhilarating, nothing has sparked out interest more than the hoverboard. We absolutely love the experience of riding around on a self-balancing board and truly believe that these products can be immensely beneficial. With this in mind, we’ve decided to build and launch this website, so consumers around the world will have a much easier time finding and purchasing the best hoverboard for their money.




Although we’re a group of silly nerds, who like to kick up a little dust and have a good time, we do have goals for this website. We sincerely hope to become a leading name in the self-balancing board industry. It is our goal to become the consumer’s go-to source for all of their hoverboard needs. When attempting to invest in a brand new Mini Segway, we want the consumer to visit our website first and foremost.


Achieving Our Goals


We are willing to work diligently to achieve our goals. One of the ways we do this is by experimenting and testing each and every one of the products, which has been reviewed on this website. Unlike many other sites, our reviews are thorough and honest. Each device is thoroughly vetted and tested, before it is reviewed. If the hoverboard failed to meet our expectations, you’ll know about it. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your money and this would be a true impossibility, if we delivered erroneous information.


We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to learn about our team. We hope our website has been able to help you in one-way or another. If it has, you’ve put a smile on our faces. Be sure to return often, as the website will be updated frequently well into the future.