In the past few months, the Segway balance board or the self-balancing scooter has undoubtedly exploded in popularity. There is a handful of reasons for this. The hoverboard is capable of providing the user with a convenient and more cost effective form of transportation. Of course, the cool factor is hard to ignore. These vehicles are undeniably cool and can help you garner an immense amount of attention. To increase the attention received, you should contemplate adding a vinyl skin to your Mini Segway. Below, you will learn about some of the best vinyl skins on the market. Of course, there are tons of them available, these are just a few that we like the most.


Hoverboard Skins - MiniSegwayCenter.comIf you consider yourself to be a massive sports fan, you may wish to pimp out your hoverboard with sports paraphernalia. Aside from adding team logos to your board, you should consider purchasing the MightySkins Basketball Vinyl Skin. The skin will transform your hoverboard into a rolling basketball and will help to emphasize your love for the game. Although this particular skin can work well with various color schemes, it truly shines on black hoverboards. The decal is compatible with a handful of different boards, including the Swagway X1, Powerboard, Leray, and many others. Although it is highly unlikely, if you happen to grow bored of the skin, you can always remove it easily. No sticky residue is used, so no cleanup is needed.


MiniSegwayCenter.com Stylish Segway SkinThe basketball skin is great for sports fans, you may need something a little more flashy and bright. If so, you will definitely want to take a look at the Rainbow Zoom vinyl skin from MightySkins. Again, the skin is compatible with a variety of different models, including the Sogo, Glyro, Swagway X1 and the Powerboard. The Rainbow Zoom is somewhat of a psychedelic style, which is very captivating. Once this skin adorns your self-balancing scooter, strangers will have no choice but to check you out. Although the skin’s primary purpose is to enhance the appearance of your Segway, it has a few practical purposes, as well. It can be used to add an extra layer of protection to your board, by keeping it safe from scratches and dings.


MiniSegwayCenter.com Stylish Segway SkinThere are many excellent board skins, but few can beautify the wheels of your board like the Graffiti Mash Up Wheels Decals.
If you’ve already got the rest of your board decked out, these wheel decals are a no-brainer.
The decals will help to add a little extra pizazz to your hoverboard.
When accompanied with the matching hoverboard skin, your hoverboard will be converted into a rolling work of art.
The decals are suitable for the majority of hoverboards and they can be installed quickly.


All in all, there are many different skins and decals on the market, but the above three are the ones we like the most. They look awesome and are immensely convenient to install. Be sure to check them out for yourself, so you can personalize your own Mini Segway to perfection.

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