If you are in the market for an amazing scooter that will offer reliable transportation, then you need to check out the IPS FBA. This is not only one of the most unique products on the market, but it has to be one of the funniest. Just about anyone of any age group can enjoy this unicycle. This is one of the earliest brands of electric scooters ever made. While this has been proven to be one of the safest products on the market, it is important to always practice the upmost safety precautions, when riding these monocycles.


The self-balancing technology that was embedded into this vehicle is simply amazing. It makes the motorized unicycle very user friendly and just about anyone can master their riding skills, within a matter of hours.


The 2 ½” wheel will not only provide a stable ride, but it also provides one of the smoothest rides that you will ever experience. You can soar up and down the streets and it will feel like you are gliding on air. The width of the wheel also makes the unicycle so much easier to control. Just simply adjust your body to the motion that you want to make and the unicycle will do the rest of the work. You can even go off-road with this futuristic vehicle if you happen to be a more extreme type.


When the night arrives, your buddies will be walking home, but not those that own the IPS FBA or the IPS F400. The LED lights make it much safer and easier for you to ride this one wheel scooter after dusk. Other pedestrians and drivers will be able to clearly see you, so you will never have to worry about getting bumped. This is also going to contribute to the safety factor of this product exponentially. Not only does the LED light help with safety, but it also looks pretty cool.


This product is capable of traveling 40 kilometers (approx. 25 miles), before needing a recharge. This is not bad considering how far similar products are capable of traveling far less on each charge. For example, Mini Segways are only capable of traveling around 12-15 miles.


Depending on the road conditions and the weight of the driver, the speed capability will slightly vary. The FBA unicycle is capable of traveling at maximum speeds of 19.9 kilometers per hour (12 mph). This is slightly faster than the competitor brand. You will have the option of making this single wheel scooter your favorite mode of transportation, even for work or play.


In order to achieve a full charge you will have to wait 2 to 3 hours, which may seem like a long time, but this is a 260/340wh battery. Unlike the hoverboard, which is equipped with two small batteries, the unicycle has one large on-board battery, so it will take a little longer to achieve a full charge. The battery indicator feature will alert the rider, when a recharge is needed.


  • Battery indicator level is very reliable and convenient
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Extra wide 2 ½” tire for more stability
  • Foldable footrests for compact storage and portability
  • Capable of reaching speeds of 30 kilometers per hour
  • Weight capacity of 264 pounds


  • Slightly expensive price tag


If you are looking for a riding adventure like no other, you should look no further than the best IPS products like IPS FBA, F400, T260 or T350 . The powerful on-board motor is capable of producing 1000 watts of power, so it will not bog down, even when the rider reaches the maximum weight capacity.

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