Privacy Policy  


Everyone has a right to privacy, which is why we took the time to compose this privacy page. Yes, we do collect some information from visitors, but we do not share or sell it to others. Our main goal, when collecting data is for the betterment of our website. It helps us make your visit to our website more user-friendly and enjoyable. We want all visitors to enjoy their visit and return as often, as they wish.


What Type of Data Is Collected and Why?


E-mail addresses are collected from our visitors, but only if they want to leave a comment on one of our blogs. Your e-mail address allows us to make contact with you, just in case we need to do so. Be aware that we collect this data, but will never sell or share it with others.


Browser Cookies


All Internet users utilize a browser, which is a software that allows the presentation, retrieval, and transfer of data on the WWW. Browser cookies are integrated into the user’s web browser, by frequented websites. Many may know this tiny piece of data, as a tracking cookie. Our website uses these cookies to collect time and date stamped information, which is basically the real-time of your visit. This information also includes the pages you viewed and the time spent on each.


Copyright Laws


If you want to use any of our content for any reason, you will need to get written consent from the Webmaster first. The copyright laws are to protect website owners from having their blog content stolen, reproduced, or copied by others. There may be risks of legal actions being taken by any guilty third parties that help themselves to our blog content. Please feel free to view all of our blogs and stay as long as you like, but you must abide by the copyright laws.


What you should know About Browser Cookies


The definition of a browser cookie can be found in the above content. This tiny text document allows us to identify unique and anonymous visitors. What you may not be aware of is that the website’s computer secretly requests permission to store this data in your PC’s hard drive. Your privacy is always protected during this exchange, since your browser only allows websites to collect cookies it sent. This excludes other website’s cookies.

Just by altering your browser’s configuration, you can refuse to receive any cookies from all websites.


How We Use Cookie Information


When you visit our website, our system will automatically detect you and differentiate you from other users based on your unique cookie. By utilizing server logs and cookies, we’re able to determine precisely how many individuals visit the website and which portions of the website are most popular. This allows us to obtain feedback and analytical information, which will be used for the betterment of the website. Rest assured knowing that our cookies do not gather or store any private or personal information.


IP Address


When you connect to the Internet, your computer will instantly be assigned an individualistic and totally unique IP address. Generally, the other computers on your network will use the same IP address, as well. Please realize that our website does collect IP addresses. This information is collected, in order to provide you with relevant data, as quickly as possible. Rest assured knowing your IP address will never be used in a devious manner.


Selling And Sharing Data


There are many websites out there that benefit greatly from selling their user’s personal information. We are not one of them! We absolutely hate when our information is sold and our email inboxes begin receiving an abundance of spam emails. With this in mind, we would never do this to our viewers. We will never sell or share your data with anyone or any other entity and we cannot stress this enough.


Legally Disclosing Information


It is our goal to keep your information safe, secure and out of harm’s way. From time to time, it may become necessary to pass along your information to another entity. We will only pass information to law enforcement or governmental agencies, if required to do so, by law. If we believe disclosing a user’s information could help to protect the Public or maintain the safety of our other users, we will do so.


3rd Party Links


It should be known that our website could link to other 3rd party sites occasionally. Despite the link, we have no control whatsoever over these websites or their privacy policies. Generally, our links are only used as a reference and to help the user find relevant and helpful information. Each of these websites will maintain and use their own individualistic privacy policy.

When you visit one of these other websites, you are physically leaving our page and our policy will no longer be in effect. With this in mind, you should read the Privacy Policy for the website in question, if you have any questions or concerns.


User Consent


As a user of this website, you agree to our policy and accept that we collect and utilize your personal information, as set out in this policy. Take note that we maintain the right to make alterations to this privacy policy, at any point in time. We are rightfully able to make these changes, without notice.


Effective Data Security Is A Commitment


Now, you should know that our servers and databases are located in the United States. In order to obey American laws and in order to keep your information safe, we utilize strenuous safeguards to prevent anyone from physically or digitally accessing your information. We will work diligently to keep your information safe and out of the hands of devious individuals!


Potential Changes in Ownership


If at any point in the future this website is sold or changes ownership, all assets will be transferred to the new owner. These assets would consist of your information. After the acquisition, we would no longer have control over the website, your information or this privacy policy.


Policy Alterations


It should be noted that we reserve the right to modify or manipulate this Privacy Policy, at any point in time. Rest assured knowing that all website users and subscribers will be notified, when our privacy policy is changed. Also, changes will be posted directly on this website immediately. However, you should know that your information would never be used in a devious manner. We will always go above and beyond to keep your crucial information private, which is precisely what you desire.