If you are on the market for a hoverboard that offers reliability, superior style, and easy control, you should definitely consider the Razor Hovertrax. This board is designed to offer the rider a smooth riding adventure like no other, plus it will not break the bank. While many consumers would immediately frown on a lower priced scooter, you should not, because this model has so much to offer everyone.


It is important to note that it will take a lot of practice, patience, and maneuvering around, before you can master the skill of riding a Mini Segway. For those beginners that assume that they can hop onto their new scooter and reach the maximum speed the same day they receive it, this is a huge misconception. It is more realistic to think that it will take several days, before you can make 360 degree turns smoothly and reach the maximum speed limit.

The Hovertrax has a very user friendly design, so you can fully control it by using your body weight, proper posture, and feet movement.


Razor has taken the extra steps to help ensure your safety, when riding their scooters. The foot platforms are covered with a thick, anti-slip pad, so the rider’s feet will remain in place, even when riding in extreme conditions. The Gyro Sensor Technology that is embedded into the scooter will ensure a smooth riding experience every single time.


The lithium ion battery is capable of offering around 2 hours of run time on each charge. This is a little limited, when compared to the competitor brand, but it will suit those that are looking for a fun and exciting, short riding experience. A great feature that will undeniably come in handy is the battery power indicator. This technology is located near the foot platform and will instantly alert the rider, when the battery needs to be recharged.


The Hovertrax is capable of holding a maximum weight of around 220 pounds, without bogging down the dual hub motors. If you are within this weight range, you will still be able to reach the maximum speed, which is 6 miles per hour, without issue. It is important to note that this hoverboard is not suitable for children under the age of 13. As a parent you will be responsible to teach the young adolescent how to safely operate it.


  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • Relatively cheap
  • Reduced 6 mph speed safety
  • Makes 360 degree turns effortlessly
  • Very affordable
  • Frame is constructed out of durable, shatter-resistant polymer material
  • Embedded with a battery level indicator, which is an awesome feature


  • Manufacturer’s limited 90-Day warranty is limited, when compared to other brands
  • Short run time (115 mins)


The Razor Hovertrax is designed to offer the rider a smooth glide-like ride, thanks to the Gyro Sensor Technology. While the battery run time is significantly shorter than other brands, it will be suitable for those looking for an incomparable 2-hour riding adventure.

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