If you have been saving money for that perfect electric scooter, then you are in luck, because the Skque may just be what you are looking for. This brand is designed to offer a smooth ride that cannot be compared to other models. Of course, if this is your first scooter, you may not be familiar with each component and feature of each model. Below you will discover a comprehensive review of the Skque Mini Segway.


The Skque is constructed with anti-slip, rubber pads that are situated on top of the footrests. This will help secure the rider’s feet on the board, so that they do not slip off, when riding at a fast pace. It is always a great idea to take the time to become familiar with the scooter, but this simple feature will definitely help ensure your safety.


Not only is the Skque very easy to operate, but it includes a wireless remote that will offer the rider full control. Bluetooth technology is embedded into the scooter and controller, so you can conveniently switch the power on and off, as long as you are within the frequency range. This feature is pretty unique: there aren’t any other manufacturers that incorporate bluetooth remote control technology into their boards.


The reason many consumers have chosen the Skque over competitor brands is because it is capable of holding more weight. The 264 pound weight capacity is definitely a great benefit for those riders that pack around a little extra body weight and height. This will also ensure the costumer that everyone in the family can take advantage of the scooter and they will surely get their money’s worth, as well.


The powerful on-board motor is capable of producing 500 watts of power. You do not have to worry about the motor bogging down, even when riding at the maximum speed, which is 6.2 miles per hour. This speed is fairly general, when compared to other brands.


  • LED lights for safety and swag
  • Includes a remote control
  • Battery has been certified by the FCC, CE, and LVD
  • Built-in 44000mAh rechargeable battery, which offers charging time of around 2 hours
  • Equipped with 6.5” solid rubber wheels
  • Weighs around 26 pounds, for easy transport


  • Remote control is a little difficult to setup and operate


The Skque is designed to offer a smooth and reliable ride every single time. The higher weight capacity offer more diversity for the entire family. You will never have to concern yourself about battery fire hazards, which have been noted in the lower quality brand. The built-in lithium LG/Samsung battery has passed the United States and European safety standards. Last but not least: the looks are awesome..the future is definitely here!

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