Although there is no official hoverboard sport, an abundance of individuals have discovered new, innovative and creative ways to utilize their boards. In fact, small groups of friends throughout the world have gotten together and have formed their own hoverboard competitions. The sporting aspect of a Swegway can be fun, exciting and very competitive. Although it is fairly new, the sport will undoubtedly continue to grow, as the popularity of the Mini Segway continues to do the same. Below, you will learn more about the sporting aspect of these bad boys.


Hoverboard SportNow, you should take the time to learn how to use your board in a creative manner. These boards are beneficial, because they’re incredibly versatile and very easy to master. This makes them very similar to skateboards and rollerblades. When compared to these items, the Mini Segway is actually easier to master. Regardless, all aforementioned items can be utilized for creative purposes, such as pulling off amazing tricks. I’m not saying you should hit the half-pipes straightaway but by mastering them and pushing things to the limit, you will be able to stun your friends with some jaw dropping tricks, which will make them envious. Just imagine the possibilities with some properly constructed ramps or grind boxes. Some of these boards even have a ‘sport mode’ switch, which unlocks the speed and spin limitation of your device.

Of course, the sporting doesn’t stop there either. If you want to challenge your friends and truly show off your skills, you should consider challenging them to a race. Do you think you can make it to the finish line first? Prove it! With a self-balancing board, the rider can go pretty much anywhere, so the racetrack has tons of potential.


Could you pull of a trick in that?Although hoverboard sport and races can be immensely fun and exciting, it is imperative to keep yourself safe. A fall from your board could be very painful and detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. With this in mind, you should always behave responsibly, when riding your gadget. A fall could result in a concussion, which can cause brain damage. Until you truly get the hang of riding your board, you should consider wearing a helmet and pads. Remember to never ride your hoverboard, when partaking in alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Since there are a few risks involved, you may want to consider investing in additional health insurance. Doing so is reasonably wise and could prevent you from paying expensive hospital bills in the future. Of course, if you ride the board safely and responsibly, you will most likely be able to avoid serious injuries.


In order to get the longest service life, you will need to maintain it properly. First and foremost, you will need to take the time to clean the hoverboard on a routine basis. By keeping the board free of road dirt, you will be decreasing the risks of the debris getting into the motor, scratching the shell, and embedding into the tire grooves.

You should complete a thorough inspection of the tires every day, before heading out on your journey. While the electric unicycle is equipped with one large pneumatic tire, the hoverboard will have two 6-10” tires. The smaller tires are made of solid, thick rubber and do not need to be aired up, but they will need to be replaced once or twice a year.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged, so that you can receive the maximum run time. A proper carrying bag or case would also be a nice investment to protect your product.


Truthfully, the hoverboard sport is really taking off. If you love extreme sports, you should definitely consider investing in one, so you can experience the next big thing right now. Always remember though: safety first!

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