Over the course of several years, technology has taken ahold of the world and has transformed the way people perform many mundane tasks. No sector has been unfazed by these major transformations. The latest to go through a conversion is the transportation sector. Although the self-driving car has managed to gain a large amount of hype, the Mini Segway might be even more beneficial. What precisely is a “hoverboard” or a “Swegway” and what kind of benefits could it deliver? Within this comprehensive guide, you will be able to find out.


Speeder Swagway X1 Smart BoardBefore going any further, it is essential to step back into the past. Over the years, the Mini Segway or self-balancing scooter has gone through a major transformation. The traditional model was submitted for a patent in June of 1999. The original patented design, which was approved in October of 2001, looks substantially different from today’s most popular models. Originally, the Segway PT was equipped with much larger wheels and handles. In this regard, it more closely resembled a traditional scooter. Still, the traditional varieties work in the same manner as the modern models.

Since the inception of the original Segway, the item’s use has expanded significantly. Chinese police, who patrol certain areas, such as the Beijing International Airport and Tiananmen Square, now utilize them. In the Czech Republic, the Segway PT is now used by private rescue services. Of course, the Segway hoverboard or self-balancing scooter has changed visibly in the past few years.


Still, there are many people that want to know what is a Swegway and remain confused by its purpose. The truth of the matter is that a Segway board can be utilized for a wide variety of different purposes. As mentioned above, the traditional models have now been incorporated into everyday life. Of course, you do not have to be a professional, EMT or policeman to benefit from a hoverboard. People of all ages and from different background can use these rides for fun or practical reasons.

  • As A Toy – Is the hoverboard a toy? In a sense, it is definitely a toy. There is no doubt that it is capable of providing the rider with a fun experience. People are so busy nowadays that they have very little time to kick back and let loose. A self-balancing scooter can provide you with the opportunity to let off a little steam, even if you do so, while heading to work or school.
  • Sport – Although there is no official sport, it is still possible to utilize the hoverboard in a competitive manner. Friends can easily engage in races with one another. Once you’ve managed to master the board, you may want to impress your friends with intricate, complicated maneuvers.
  • Lifestyle – There are large quantities of individuals throughout the world that ride bicycles back and forth to work. The Segway hoverboard can undoubtedly replicate the performance of the bicycle and provide a few additional benefits. It is smaller and lighter. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to chain it up outside and leave it exposed to thieves.


What is a hoverboard? photo taken by GabboT

While no one should expect to hop on a board for the first time and be able to ride around without a few bumps, it truly does not take a genius to operate them. By controlling your body posture, balance, and feet actions, you will catch on to how they work quite nicely. You should start by practicing inside of your home or in areas, where there are rails or walls to hold onto. This will give you time to become familiar with the feel of the scooter, until you gain enough confidence to take it outside.

All brands are equipped with self-balancing or gyroscopic technology, but you will still be responsible for learning how to balance your body properly. One thing is for certain, you never want to become overconfident, when you are first starting out. As a result of the complex electronics inside the board these scooters are fairly easy to operate and all you need to do is use your body weight and feet movement to make turns, go forward/backwards, speeding up, and slowing down.

Once you become comfortable with your new scooter, you will be able to glide around effortlessly.


Now, you should take the time to learn about the benefits of owning a hoverboard. When it boils down to it, you will discover that the benefits are enormous and immensely diverse. The most notable is the fact that the board will provide you with an eco-friendly transportation alternative. With a self-balancing scooter, you will never have to worry about emitting chemicals into the atmosphere or harming the environment. At the same time, you should realize that using them require no gasoline. It can be used in a much more cost-effective manner than cars or other vehicles.

Also, you should not ignore the practical benefits associated with owning a hoverboard. Repairing a car or truck can be immensely costly. Segway balance boards have very few components and the majority of them are very affordable. This helps to ensure that repairs can be made in a much less costly manner. Finally, it’s lightweight and compact, when compared to bicycles. This makes them more ideal for short commutes. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can throw the board in your backpack and store it away in your locker, until you’re ready to ride home.


A "real" hoverboard from Back to the FutureAlthough these machines are incapable of flying, media named them hoverboards. Most people think about Marty McFly, when they think about a hoverboard. When McFly hopped onto his makeshift board, he was able to glide effortlessly through the congested streets until he reached a safe destination. The famous device has also shown up on the set of The Gadget Show, Empire, and Mall Cop, which is what has driven its popularity rating to an all-time high.

Celebrities absolutely love self-balancing scooters. Remember rapper Wiz Khalifa and his awkward incident at the Los Angeles LAX airport? Or Lilly Allen just casually cruisin’ around with her brand new Mini Segway? If they refuse to walk and choose comfort instead, why wouldn’t you?



There is no doubt that the hoverboard has exploded in popularity, but it is likely far from over. The item offers enormous benefits and can help the consumer save a substantial amount of money. With this in mind, you should expect to see the Segway hoverboard become a staple of modern day life in the near future. So, what is a hoverboard? Try it out, and you’ll be fully able to answer the question.

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